Learning Agreement Erasmus Uv

The apprenticeship agreement should include all the learning gains that the student must obtain during the exchange. Once your appointment is received, the Office of International Relations will review whether you can be accepted in accordance with our bilateral agreement and send you an email with your password. You can complete the application form online and download the following documents: 7. Document: You can use the following document: Introducing a bilateral agreement 5. Bilateral agreements for Master: Master`s applications are also possible. In this case, you must indicate the exact name of the Masters at the University of Valencia. Note that after the introduction of the ESHE, Spanish universities follow the 4-1 system (4 – 4 years of bachelor`s degree studies – 1 year of postgraduate studies) that, in many cases, European students enrolled in master`s programs can take the bachelor`s courses in our 4th year, as they correspond to the first year of other European masters, but they cannot take official master`s courses. This condition does not apply to students who are nominated for a specific master`s degree under the bilateral master`s agreement between the two partner universities. 2. Only one area of study: you can only choose one discipline for each bilateral agreement (A/B). The number of agreements (A/B) must be the same as the number of channels you request.

Change the bank account form: If you need to change your account number, fill out this form and send it with a copy of the book or similar document containing the 24 digits of your university email to the address. Both the student and the coordinator must sign what is called the apprenticeship agreement, which indicates all the subjects you want to participate in the host university and also the recognized equivalents in your home university. At the end of your stay, the host university will send your grades and the recognition of your credit points will be made taking into account this apprenticeship agreement. The University of Oslo also accepts online learning agreements. Please save the correct email address for the faculty contact point in the agreement, see below for information. If you have any doubts about the online application form, please Once the appointments are made, the International Relations Office will check if they are acceptable under the bilateral agreement and send students an email containing the information they need to complete the online application form.