Pizza Pizza Franchise Agreement

Section 10.09 contract change. The franchisee can only amend the franchise agreement between the franchisee and the franchisor. The amendment must take the form of a letter signed by the franchisee or the principal owner of the franchisee under the supervision of a principal surviving franchisee or, if not, under the supervision of a person responsible for the business activity with the agreement of the franchisor. Continuing the transaction for more than ten (10) days after the death of the franchisee or a franchisee principle without the franchisor`s consent, as noted above, constitutes an incurable delay under Section 9.01. The business may be sued for a period of twelve (12) months under the authority of a surviving client of the franchisee or a previous contract: this security agreement is the only agreement between the parties and replaces all previous agreements or written or oral agreements between parties that comply with the purpose of this security agreement, with the exception of agreements signed by the debtor in connection with the purchase of a Factory Pizza franchise; and this security agreement must be interpreted in the sense that it provides for additional and/or complementary rights, obligations and obligations of the parties concerned in accordance with the other agreements. c) to use the menus and recipes made available and developed by Franchisor in the management of the franchise business on this site. ARTICLE 2. FRANCHISE PAYMENTS First franchise and training fees Section 2.01. In light of franchisor`s right, franchise and licence to the franchisee and the services franchised must provide under this agreement, Franchisees agree to pay franchisors an initial deductible of $20,000 for a Pizza Factory -Full-Size (over 1500 m2), $10,000 for a Pizza Factory Mid-Size (1000-1500 m2) or $5,000 for a Pizza Express (less than 1000 m2). – be absent and deliver only) and a training fee of 2,500 USD for the main character, plus 500 USD for any additional person to send to the training program. 2.

to employ or employ a person who, on that date, is employed by the franchisor or another franchisee or multi-entity operator of the franchisor`s franchisor or, by other means, directly or indirectly, induces him to leave his job; Subsidy: the franchisor does not offer direct or indirect financing. The franchisor does not guarantee a franchisee`s rating, lease or commitment. 23. When the franchisee applies as part of its lease agreement for the premises in which the franchised transaction is located or as part of another agreement involving the franchisee and franchisor, or a parent or subsidiary company or any other company linked to the franchisor, it is a stakeholder and fails to remedy this defect within the additional time provided by this agreement (if applicable). or the franchisee recognizes that BPR will collect personal data from the franchisee in different ways, such as forms. B application, investigations, inspection reports, emails, communications between the franchisee or users and BPR, based on information provided by the franchisee via the Boston link and information collected by BPR from references, research agencies, financial institutions, credit banks and other sources.