Uc Davis Guaranteed Transfer Agreement

Some majors are considered selective and have additional requirements for all applicants. TAG requirements can exceed these selective main course requirements – both the main selective requirements and TAG requirements must be met. Requirements for full selective primary courses, as described until the end of the spring semester prior to transmission. It is recommended that candidates for courses in the following groups or series, which were completed at the time of application, be informed of the minimum guidelines required. Disclaimer: The following list includes credit transfer agreements between Community Colleges in the State of California and UC Davis College of Engineering. This page can only be used as a directive. You will find more detailed and specific information about your needs from your institution`s transfer advisor, contact ASSIST or contact the engineering office at (530) 752-1979. For students moving from another UC campus to GE (recipentivity): 5. All transfer admission courses and MPA requirements have been completed for the planned major (see for details). For students who have not completed all transfer admission requirements at their former university, they must acquire a GPA of 2.0 or more in those remaining courses at UC Davis and receive a C or better in each of these courses. Mechanical construction and biomedical technology require an amp of 2.8 or more. IGETC is a series of courses designed to enable California students to meet their general education requirements before moving to a UC campus or a California State University (CSU) campus. With a few exceptions, students who opt for the CTST should complete them at a California community college to meet all general educational requirements that can be met by lower-class courses.

Once admitted to UC Davis, but before enrolling in courses, you should submit an IGETC Diploma Certificate to UC Davis Admissions. For more information on some of the courses required to be admitted to majors, check out the UC Davis Admissions Page: If you are a transfer student who has met the requirements of another UC campus, you do not need to meet the UC Davis Davis Education Requirement. However, please follow the following steps to ensure that this information is contained in your UC Davis registration: Transferring a Community College or four-year institution to UC Davis has become a popular way to obtain a university degree. We welcome applicants for transfers from all schools, although we prioritize transfers from California community colleges.