Is Rental Agreement Enough For Passport

The unregistsed agreement is also considered by passport information authorities as a valid proof of address for granting passport measuring devices to applicants and accepts Source: In recent years, there has been a growing demand from different sections to make the filing of proof of address more flexible. The union`s foreign ministry has long received such requests from passport authorities and the public to consider the registered lease as one of the valid documents as proof of address. Harmanbir Singh, Regional Passport Manager, “Although we are relaxing the standards of proof of address, we will be very strict if we check whether the tenant has stayed a year or more at the address indicated and whether the contract is executed in accordance with the rules of the law. The matter was discussed with the Legal and Contractual Service (L&T) of the Ministry and decided that the registered rental agreement, duly registered in accordance with Section 17 of the Registration Act 1908 and executed by the lessor in favour of the tenant for a period of more than one year, would be accepted as proof of valid address for the filing of the passport application. Now, the permanent address for those applying for a passport will no longer be a problem, as applicants can file their registered lease as proof of valid address if they have spent more than a year as tenants. If you are an Indian and you do not have a passport simply because you do not want to follow the complex formalities and procedures, here is good news for you. Sushma Swaraj headed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and introduced some new changes in the passport application process. The purpose of these rules is to minimize the complexity of the passport application process. Today, in this article, we will discuss the new rules introduced for applying for an Indian passport. Passport applicants face many difficulties during the compensation process, especially when they are in remote locations for work or study purposes.

The introduction of these new rules has made the issuance of the Indian passport simple and clear. The changes that are required for the filing of a passport are listed below….