Maf Agreement

The MAF Disclosure Letter is accompanied, in Annex 5.15, by an accurate, accurate and complete copy of the order letter between MAF and KBW for all taxes that MAF has paid and payable to KBW in connection with or as a result of the transactions provided for in this Agreement. A factor in a case contributes to its causality or outcome. In the area of negligence, factors or the chain of causation are important in determining whether liability arises from a particular act of the defendant. Section 5.9(f)(i) of the MAF Disclosure Letter identifies each maF Employee Plan, which is not qualified, including deferred compensation plans called “MAF Deferred Compensation Plan” (together the “MAF Non-Qualified Plans”) and Section 5.9 (f)ii) of the MAF Disclosure Letter identifies any non-MAF plan that has confidence in favour of MAF Non-Qualified Plan participants. .