What Is Serial Number In Infosys Service Agreement

Employees become members of the Infosys Welfare Trust through a one-time payment of INR 250 and a fixed monthly fee of INR 350. I have four stamp papers with Rs50/ – four more legal sheets each, so from where should I start the page numbering?and is it necessary to give the page number? Can I leave only the serial number and number blank and enter all other details? In the service contract, I put the date I printed it in the space provided for “Date of signature”. Will there be a problem? hello admin. I have a few questions about the workplace. Since I am from gurgaon and we have infosys there, is there a chance that I will get a job as a Gurgaon after my training in mysore?? Step 6) Now you have the notarization of the service contract, for which you no longer have to have a headache. .