Ywca Collective Agreement

Local and Union Our union is the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and we at the YWCA form our own local, Local 2189. Our local`s policies are set by our own members and our Board of Directors is elected from among our members. The proposals we negotiate for our contract with management are proposals that our members want, and we choose a negotiating team of our own to negotiate the contract. A CUPE employee representative works with our local as a contact person when advice is needed. The union was formed in 1975 at the YWCA in Toronto to represent the interests of workers. The union negotiates with management on wages and benefits as well as employee protection, which are guaranteed by clear rules of procedure. This is set out in a binding collective agreement. Contract The local negotiates the collective agreement with management. This is the legal contract that governs the relationship between employees in the collective bargaining unit and YWCA management.

The collective agreement covers aspects of working within the YWCA such as: salary, benefits, overtime, dismissal, sick leave, leave and grievance procedures. Steward The steward is the person at each location who represents union members at that particular location. A steward helps employees interpret a contract, answers questions about the union, assists with a complaint hearing, and provides general information about what`s happening on the ground. Complaint procedure This is a formal method of resolving difficulties or disputes between union members and management, or between union and management. The Treaty provides for a procedure for these cases and this procedure ensures the protection of workers. Contact us for more information about our association. Click here for more information on your rights as a unionized worker Members have the right to receive union information on the employer`s premises during periods of work stoppage, before or after shifts, as well as during paid or unpaid breaks and meal breaks. That is the law. UNW members have the right to promote and build our union in the workplace. .